Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch at Lee Farms

It was the perfect day to go to the Pumpkin Patch! This was Jake's second year... last year's pictures here.
Of course we had to go to my farm.
The country store. We got apple cider, apples, and kettle corn popcorn on the way out. Yum.
The first thing we did was to say hi to the goats. Jake was intrigued but still wanted Daddy to hold him.
This one and I had a bonding moment.
Pigs! Jake got a kick out of this when he found out the piglets were having "mama's milk".
Halloween pig.
Pumpkins everywhere... we picked out 3 to bring home.
Jake was very excited to go on the hayride.
We saw corn, pumpkins
and Christmas trees! This is also a Christmas tree farm so we'll have to come back and get our own tree.
The haymaze was awesome! This was the big one.
Running through the maze...

Then you come out through the slide! First Jake went with Daddy.
Then with Mama!
Then we went on this really big outdoor slide on burlap bags.
At the top with Daddy...
So much fun. They went twice.
Then Jake went up with Mama.
Mama thought it was so much fun!

Then Jake discovered the smaller maze. It was perfect for him, and he was able to go through the maze by himself...

... and then come down the slide!
We think he went through about 15 times.
Yay for pumpkins and pumpkin patches!


elliesmadre said...

What a great bunch of photos! It looks like all of you had a great time. :)

Shana said...

That looks like fun! And great pics too. We went to the "pumpkin patch" in the Fred Meyer parking lot this year : )

Jessica said...

Fun times you guys! We just went to that pumpkin patch today and thought we were all unique with our new place ;) I totally agree that it is a crazy fun place to be and hope that it's as fun at Christmas time.