Monday, October 13, 2008

Recycle Caps

Everytime I throw something in the trash, I cringe at the thought that it is just going to go and sit in a landfill. I do the reduce, reuse, recycle option as often as I can, but there are times when that is not an option.

I've been reducing the number of plastic bottles I use, but everytime I do use one, I recycle the bottle but have to throw away the cap.

No more! Now Aveda has a bottle cap recycling program, check it out!


UrbanHippieMama said...

it is great that there are so many recycling programs popping up. i was excited to see battery recycling in ikea. do you know about the master recycler plastic roundups in portland, though?? they take every single little tiny bit of plastic, including plastic caps. you just save it all up and take it to the roundup every 6's convenient to do it all in one place and it is inspiring to see all of the other people there who make recycling a priority, and to see the massive amount of plastic that we are saving from the landfill. they just had them, so the next ones should be in april.

Lee said...

I know!! I totally missed the master plastic roundups because that was the big birthday weekend. So now my garage will become even MORE of a plastic warehouse until April, sigh, lol.

Lee said...

But this Aveda option is a good one for those who don't live in Portland but do have an Aveda near where they live.