Sunday, October 26, 2008


Mike got these airplanes for his birthday and I put them up, 15 months later finally. They are hanging in Jake's room.

Jake is thrilled with them! Now he prefers to have his diaper changed right underneath them so he can look up and study them.
The green one is a float plane, which Jake refers to as the "water plane".
Just cute.
Today was a good day. After a great time getting our eggs, fruits, and vegetables at the farmer's market, Jake and I sat down and enjoyed the band that was playing this week. The sun was shining, and we got to say hi to several friends of ours, including Jake's buddy, Skylar.

Then the 3 of us worked in the backyard this afternoon, preparing the garden for winter, transplanting a tree that was in an awkward place, and re-filling the birdseed holder. Really glad we got that taken care of, especially on a warm, sunny, late-October day.


Oh and the whole time-change thing? Bizarre. My blackberry showed 1 hour behind today, and I got totally confused this morning. After reading the calendar which shows the change happens on November 2nd this year, I finally remembered that I never had the programming change uploaded into my blackberry -- I had been switching between time zones to show the appropriate time, but this was the first time that it showed the time change on a different day. If we could be like Arizona or Hawaii and not have time changes, I'm all for it.


Aimee said...

cuteee! I love the airplanes! Where did you get them I wouldn't mind getting for Skylers birthday or christmas gift. Jake just too cute! *hugs*

Lee said...

Aimee -- my Mom got them, I think from the kids clothing shop in the Sellwood/Moreland area.