Friday, October 3, 2008

More Birthday!

Last night Mike and I went out to dinner on a date for my birthday. Jake went to go play with Gramma and Papa (who had been in San Francisco for a birthday dinner the night before!). We went to Nutshell, an all vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Portland. I think it is my new favorite place to go for a fancy dinner! It was so, so good! The plates/portion sizes are really small, so you get to order multiple items and share them. We had a 5 course dinner. Yum.
The wine was fabulous.
The two birthday girls! (Me -- October 1st. Mom -- October 2nd.)
And a happy Jake with his Gramma.


Radical Midwife said...

I didn't know you and your mom's birthdays were a day apart. Neat! I've been thinking about trying Nutshell out at some point. I'm happy to hear a good review from you! :)

Comptons said...

I went to Nutshell a few weeks back and LOVED it - even though I'm an omnivore! I meant to tell you about it. Oops. Obviously, you found it anyway. I can't wait for my sister (trained chef a long time ago) to come visit in November so I can take her. I really love that they change their menu often to reflect seasonally available produce.

Shana said...

I have heard that Nutshell is total yum.

Happy birthday! And your mom, wow, a hottie : )