Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lucky Yellow

Yesterday was First Friday in Multnomah Village, when all the shops stay open late and many of them offer food, tea, wine, and/or live music with your shopping experience. It is really quite nice.

It was raining on the way there but that didn't deter us! We donned our rain coats and set off.

Jake was wearing crocs with socks. Not too long after leaving home, he deliberately stepped into a puddle which resulted in some very wet socks.

Mike commented that what Jake needed was a pair of rain boots. At that moment I decided that instead of taking a right to go towards the village, we should go left and stop by Katelyn's Closet, a really nice second hand store around the corner from our house.

We stopped in and I immediately scored a pair of yellow rain boots in his exact size (6). Then I found a pair of socks for him to wear with the boots. What luck at finding boots in his size that matched his yellow rain coat!!

We changed his footwear and then happily made our way to the village. Jake loved his yellow boots so much that he cried at having to take them off inside the house.

Cute in yellow.


Comptons said...

Adorable! We just bought Chase a bright yellow raincoat last night. Now to start the search for boots...

Aimee said...

awwww rainboots are so cute on kids!

Hedro said...

AWWW... He is so adorable! I need some lucky boots myself! :)


Shana said...

How sweet. And it sounds like a fun outing. I have a friend in Multnomah Village, such a cool area.

Donny said...

For the first time in months we had rain in Southern California. After weeks of 100 degree weather, it was absolutely welcome. Made me nostalgic, too :)