Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Business Cards

What do you do with old business cards that you no longer use?

I am preparing for my first work travel trip in two years. Yup, TWO YEARS!! Where did the time go? So I was going through and cleaning out my work travel briefcase on wheels (which is awesome). I found an old, wrapped fruit bar (still good), a roll of tamper-evident tape used for returning study drug, lots of pads of sticky notes, paperwork from a study I worked on 2 years ago, and business cards with my maiden name on them!

I was just about to toss those business cards in the recycling bin when I realized that I could reuse them. Yeah, go, super green me! So I turned them over and they are sitting on my desk waiting to be used for jotting quick notes of whatever I need. Only then will they end up in the recycle bin.

As a side note, I was at a study site here in Portland yesterday, and I suddenly had to introduce myself to a site worker, and I began to introduce myself using my maiden name! Duh! You would think I was a newlywed rather instead of having been married almost 3 years. Ha ha!


Shana said...

I used old business cards to make multiplication flash cards for my nine year old : )

I was with a girlfriend the other day and she introduced herself to someone out of the blue with her maiden name, and she's been married for 26 years. Hilarious!

Korin said...

I used old business cards for ruby to put in her play wallet... much better than her tearing mine apart!