Monday, October 6, 2008

Brio Fun

Jake loves going over to Gramma and Papa's house to play with the Brio train set that used to belong to Aunt Amy.
He has so much fun, and I love helping to make a new track once in a while.
However, let's talk about proportion -- as in the size scale of these Brio things.

Here you have a swing set that is bigger than a two-story building, and a person who wouldn't even be able to fit through the doorway of that building! And I'm sure that has to be a little two-seater car because I do not see how 4 Brio people of that size could fit into that car.
The swing set is bigger than the slide. I guess it is a swing set for older children and a little slide for young toddlers?
The merry-go-round is the same height as the top of the slide. Lots of climbing going on in Brioland!
And wow! They have a truck that is big enough to haul a 2-story building! I don't think we have any trucks quite that big.
Nonetheless, Jake had a fabulous time playing Brio with Charlotte, my Swedish sister (and Jake's Swedish Aunt).
And Aunt Amy.

Jake made some vegetable soup.
Charlotte and Jake ate carrots from the soup.
And tomatoes.


elliesmadre said...

That sounds like a pretty strange playground. And a huge swingset. I love the make believe! Eleanor has more fun with her cardboard mailing tubes. :)

Candice said...

lol'ed on that one! You're funny.