Friday, June 8, 2007


Jake and I took a walk today and picked up some bread, a wedding present, and these CUTE toys. They are called Anamalz and they had all different kinds of animals. I had SUCH a hard time picking out which ones I wanted for Jake!! I decided on the giraffe and lion. The giraffe not only because it's cute but it's easy for Jake to hold, and the lion because I like lions (has to do with my husband being a leo!). But I sure do want more of them :) I loved the elephant, hippo, lizard, monkey, cow, horse, lamb, zebra, bull and all of them!
Jake says hi to the lion.

Then shows me the giraffe.

The animals can be made to stand in different positions and poses, and are made from wood and cloth. Too cute!

PS Jake's 7th tooth just showed up!!


Donny said...

Ok, the perspective in the picture is confusing me. How is it Jake can stand at a countertop? What the heck is going on? Is he a Jolly Vegan Giant.. or?

Lee said...

Jolly Vegan Giant!! Yup!

Acutally, it's a white-tile coffee table in our living room.

Korin said...

OMG i love those!! must put on birthday wish list NOW!!

anamalz said...

Hi Jake,

My name is Louise and I am from the "anamalz team" in Australia. We are sooo glad you love our products. Watch out for our new releases....
Did you know you can register your anamalz online. Visit and you will receive a certificate of registration for your lion and giraffe (effective next week). Soon, we are also releasing anamalz songs written and sung by Beau Young.

But the thing that puts a smile on our faces, is seeing the smile that's on your face. :)

Take care,

Anamalz Pty Ltd - Australia