Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Birthday Book

A year ago today I was laboring. It's amazing to think about. Jake was born at 12:30 AM so even though his birthday is on the 20th, I spent all day on the 19th working to bring him earthside.

We had fun today. I took him back to our little neighborhood playground. He is starting to really like the swing -- stayed on it much longer than the last two times and actually wanted me to push him in it.

He loves crawling around in the grass and the dirt. At the playground he kept trying to eat the wood chips. At home he wanted to fling the dirt all over and then rub it in his face and arms. I had to wash him off 3 times today and after dinner he took a shower with Daddy.
I got him a birthday book today. Jake's birthday book is on the left, mine (with the teddy bear) is on the right.
My sister gave me my birthday book when I was 10 years old. Ever since then, I have written down exactly what I've been doing at 7:55 AM on my birthday, the time I was born. The first entry, "When I turned 10 I said I was eating a piece of toast." Very quaint. "At 7:55 on my 16th birthday, I was sitting in Conceptual Physics with a bunch of balloons in my hair and flowers in my lap." Another one, "1997 10:55 AM receiving a hug from Mike before physics class. What a treat!" (When I was living on the East Coast I would record what I was doing at 10:55 since that was when it was 7:55 Portland time.) I love seeing where I've been based on my entries. "Wednesday, October 1, 2003. In the Chicago O'Hare airport with Leslie and Barb flying from Bethlehem, PA, to Portland, OR after a 9 day business trip!"

This little book has also served to record other major events in my life, such as the following: "Jason Scott becomes my 2nd boyfriend Tuesday March 5, 1991." A subsequent entry: "We broke up March 15, 1991." Then: "Jason Scott and I get back together Apr. 20, '91." And finally, "Jason and I broke up July 12, 1991. I dumped him cuz he was being a major jerk." So much for that relationship.

I've also recorded deaths of very important beings in my life, such as my grandparents. There is also this entry: "Gussy died between Wednesday, June 7 and Thursday, June 8 from 10pm - 6am. He lived a good life from about 1985-1989. I loved him. May he Rest in peace." Gussy was a hamster.

There are entries for my first kiss, getting my driver's license, engagement, etc.

On the more serious (mature?) side, another entry: "October 4, 2005. Pregnancy test is positive!!" Looking forward to my boy's first birthday tomorrow... I will start his first entry in his birthday book. Since he was born at 12:30 AM and it will be years before he is up that late, I will be recording what he does during the day on his birthday.


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Happy birthday JAKE!!

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