Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It was finally sunny again today after being cold and rainy for the past week. Felt good to put short-sleeves back on. I took Jake to the playground today. This was his first time! Actually it was his second time but the first time we went the playground was full of people, and I took Jake to the swing but right before we got there this little girl ran up and grabbed the swing. I waited for her to either let go and go play somewhere else, or for an adult to come help her into the swing, but neither happened. I tried negotiating with her, but she was NOT letting go of that swing, even after 5 minutes. Then as soon as I walked away her mom came running up and put her into the swing! I was a little peeved at her mom for either not paying attention to her daughter for that long or for not caring (avoiding me?). Such bad playground etiquette! But then again, what do I know? I'm a playground rookie parent!!

So anyway... we went back today, and nobody was there. Was nice to have the whole playground to ourselves. This is a cute little playground just 3 blocks from our house.
Jake really wasn't too sure about the swing and didn't stay very long.
On the play structure. "Mama, what the heck is this?"
He loved going up the stairs. He was so good at it! I was amazed. He went all the way to the top twice, and even went down a few steps (he can now get off the bed by himself, too).
The steps were the perfect height for him.
It wasn't until the third time that he checked out the orange tunnel that he was ready to go inside...
Hey this is cool!
"I like this, Mama!"
Each time after he got all the way to the top the two of us went down the slide together. You can see the blue slide in the background.

In the end, the barkdust was his favorite thing.

Later we went out to our backyard. Jake learned pretty quickly that doing the regular crawl on concrete does not feel good (he got an oowie on his toe) and learned to do the bear crawl! And he decides to chase Kami.
Kami teases him by moving just a few feet away at a time.

He decides to give up... the bear crawl is no match for a cat.

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