Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Coconut Crack

I have a confession to make. I'm addicted to crack. Coconut crack, that is. That's the nickname that MDC mamas have for Coconut Bliss ice cream. It is addictive. And YUMMY, smooth, rich, and creamy. Did I mention it's addictive? So far I've tried 4 flavors, Naked Coconut, Mint, Chocolate, and Vanilla. All yummy! This stuff has like 456,230,023 gazillion calories so it's a good thing that a small scoop is deeply satisfying. (Okay, it really doesn't have that many calories, only like 202 per small scoop, and coconut is actually really good for you.) It's also a locally-made product from Eugene, Oregon.

I made a yummy dessert -- vegan brownie, Oregon strawberries, and vanilla coconut bliss. So good.... *swooning*.
Jake loves it. See that BIG smile on his face?

Even Mike, tired after a long day at work, is enjoying it. The cold coconut feels good on his sore teeth.


Korin said...

Lee, it is SOOOOO Easy to make your own coconut crack! and much cheaper lol. :D Ruby loves it! I'm going to try shredded carrots next time. :)

Donny said...

"I'm addicted to crack." That made me sit up for just a second. It's 7:00AM here so I may just be still half asleep. Did you know there's no Trader Joes in SLC? That's it, I'm moving. Mike, braces suck. Hang in there, dude.

Donny said...
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Lee said...

Korin, I'd love to make my own... but the kitchen aid ice cream maker attachment is $99. Maybe I'll get it for a birthday or Christmas present and make as much coconut crack as I want next summer.

Korin said...

Youcan always come over and use mine, and have a play date at the same time... or i could bring it over :D