Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Vee Cats

Since my cats are regulars on this blog, I thought you should get to know them a little better. Kami is the grey female on the left and Theo, on the right, is male. I have never figured out what color to call his fur, as it is not orange at all but some sort of light strawberry-blonde/tan color. Let me know if you think you know a better way to describe that color.
They are from the same litter, born in late August of 2003 (I just had to ask the vet to verify their age as Mike and I couldn't remember if it was '03 or '04) so they will be 5 this coming August. There were 5 other brothers and sisters in their litter and 3 of them went to the homes of 2 friends (hello to Bucca and Koko and a meow to Max in heaven). Their mother, Moongoddess, lives with other friends of ours. Information you really wanted to know ;)

Kami is unpredictable. She is constantly finding new places to catch a catnap. She also tolerates Jake and other kids really well, but tends to hide when there are unfamiliar people in the house. She is also very affectionate when she wants to be.

Theo is loyal and more like a human but doesn't tolerate kids at all (only when they are sleeping). He sleeps with us every night. He loves human food, and is particularly skilled at stealing chips and crackers. His favorite thing to do is go outside and to hang out on our backs.
Of course, like all good cats, they love catnip, especially their catnip pillows.



mama_nomad said...

aw, they are sweet. cats are so funny with their different personalities...jusy like people!

Donny said...

Thanks for remembering Max. Koko's got a new friend. A 9 week old Theo colored kitten named Skoot. Now if only she'd stop slapping his face, I think they might get along. But then again she's always been a weird one.