Monday, June 25, 2007

Napa Valley, Part II

Friday's dinner was at Tra Vigne Pizzaria and it was heavenly! The pizzas were freshly made on-site as we were all partying. I even had them make a vegan pizza for Mike, Jake, and myself, and we gobbled it up and requested another. Yummy.

Jake spent the second half of the evening playing and playing with the cue balls. He loved it! We had to watch him and pull him away whenever the players needed to take a shot from that side of the table.

After standing here and playing for awhile, Jake decided to take this particular ball and chase it around on the floor. I followed him VERY closely to ensure that no partygoers stepped on him (particularly since there was lots of very good wine...). He had a blast and everyone at the party just loved him and loved watching him play.

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