Monday, June 4, 2007

Hair Yesterday, Gone Today

Yesterday was a good day. Jake and I walked to the farmer's market, about a 2 mile walk, one-way. We got some strawberries and this amazing marionberry/teriyaki sauce. Yum!

Then Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit.

Today I got my hair cut!!


Look at all this hair!!

The end result! Will be so much easier to manage and so nice for the summer. Yippee!


a noel-lic dream said...

lol i get it! here yesterday, gone today.

i like your hair

Korin said...

OMG Lee, you look AWESOME! so so so cute!!!

mama_nomad said...

wow! you look really fabulous!! you're such a beauty....

Donny said...

Great haircut! Talking about the farmers market makes me miss Oregon. But Salt Lake City ain't half bad :)