Saturday, June 2, 2007

MDC Picnic

Today was the annual MDC summer picnic. MDC stands for mothering dot commune, and the Portland tribe discussion threads are very active! Jake and I have made lots of friends and we love going to these events.

Miss Ruby, Greyson, and Jake. Greyson and Jake are competing for Ruby's attention. First Jake does his little dance...
Then it is Greyson's turn to dance as Ruby watches and chews her fist from the stress of judging...
Miss Ruby gives Jake the sacred touch on the leg! It seems Jake is the winner this time. He is, after all, Ruby's birthday twin.
Me at the picnic with my little snacker.
Jake finds a kid-sized camping chair and he's delighted!
"I'm a big boy on this chair!"
A cup is so much fun to play with...

Later Jake plays with Miss Lu and Greyson. Jake and Greyson seem to be popular with the girls.
Jake and Miss Lu were born 2 days apart. He seems to really like girls his own age.


Korin said...

Sweeeeeeet! I forgot to take pictures today, so I may have to steal yours.
Ruby loves jake oh so much :D birthday twins forever!!

Candice said...

He sure has a way with the ladies!