Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lots of friends

Mike and I got together with friends from 2 families for dinner. We had a great time! These friends recently built a sandbox in their back yard, and the kids loved it.

Jake and Lola.

Chynoa, Jake, and Lola.
Jake's future babysitters? (They did let me know when Jake had woken up from his nap.)
Violet joins the group in the sandbox.
Seeing all the fun, Wydeko joins, too! Chynoa attempts to make a sand angel.
Wydeko, Violet, and Jake.
A couple chickens join the party... Violet and Jake play together.

Later, Jake and Wydeko take a nap together. Isn't that cute!?!!
After the nap, Jake plays some more. Later he puts on these shiny red shoes. I think he was saying "There's no place like home." So home we went!

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Carrie Lou said...

damn, those kids sure are growing up!! sigh. can't wait to see you in July!