Tuesday, May 20, 2008

23 Months and Cuts

Today Jake is 23 months old and today so far has been about cuts!

This morning he was cutting up his strawberries with his own little knife. So far he has only been practicing on wooden produce with a wooden knife, so this was fun for him.
Funny boy.
Then we went to get his hair cut! These are the before pictures...
His past experiences with haircuts have not been good. He has hated having someone snip at his hair. Actually, the third time wasn't that bad but his hairstylist (aka "mama") isn't that skilled and Jake got what my mother not-so-affectionately referred to as the "bowl cut".
So we went to Kid's Castle Cuts which was really cool. The waiting area was filled with toys!
Then Jake chose this red car to sit in for his haircut. Even then, he wasn't too sure about it.
He was pretty serious the whole time, even though "Scooby Doo" was playing on the TV.
Halfway through...
The finished result.
Definitely not a bowl cut.
He appears to be somewhat happy about his new 'do.

23 months old... hard to believe he'll be TWO in a month! He's been doing some fun new things this past month -- one of the things that cracks me up is that he'll often respond to things by saying "oh, okay". It's hilarious. Also a lot of things are "mine!" He'll point to strawberries and say mine! He loves to clap when happy about things, and say YAY! when he "gets" (understands) something. He has gotten taller and now weighs 26 pounds. He can throw a ball soooo well -- throws perfectly and throws it straight. He is starting to sleep through the night most of the time now, I'll tell him that "milk is sleeping" if he wakes up before 5am and he will go back to sleep. Pretty soon he'll be ready for his own bed next to ours. Small steps. He's still such a sweetheart, he'll now sometimes initiate kisses and hugs for mama or daddy or grandparents or even friends. I love watching him grow and change.

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SUV MAMA said...

He is so handsome! His hair cut definitley made him look like a little boy and not a "baby" anymore. :)

I'm totally impressed with the strawberry cutting skills!