Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11

Spring Cleaning

It is officially spring around here, despite being still a bit cold. Here are 13 things found while cleaning...

#1 Cleaning my office -- found a copy of our entire wedding ceremony. Awww. Was re-filed with our wedding photo album.

#2 Cleaning outside -- found a dead mouse. Right on our back porch. EWWWWWW!

#3 Cleaning outside -- found a cat collar with a tag for a cat named Sunny. Called the number on the tag and found out that the cat lives in one of the houses behind ours.

#4 We finally had Jake's car seat turned around from a rear-facing position to forward-facing. We kept it rear-facing as long as we could to ensure his neck muscles had the maximum amount of time to develop and strengthen in the (hopefully never) event of a car accident. But finally, his legs got too long and he was no longer sitting comfortably so we had it turned. We found lots and lots of food crumbs underneath. Ew.

#5 We finally found the bottle of screen cleaner liquid that we'd been looking for. Helpful for getting all those tiny little fingerprints off the computer screen!

#6 Found a little piece of paper with this tip "Potato Revival: if your potatoes have gone soft, soak them in cold water for an hour to crisp them up." Good advice as I have some potatoes that need this.

#7 Found this come through my mail slot the other day... (Sara "kaPOW!" this one is for you!). This is my favorite magazine and Wonder Woman has long been one of my favorite characters!
#8 Found my little one hiding in his play room the other day -- back deep where the pillows are...
#9 Found that scotch tape that I really needed around Christmas time instead of now.

#10 Found a new light bulb for the one that burned out last night. This was the first lightbulb to blow out since we moved into this house! Now I just have to start buying the CFL lightbulbs from Zola...

#11 Found a toy truck in my sock drawer.

#12 Finally changed the filter for our drinking water. Even though Portland has great, clean drinking water, there is still a lot of stuff in there that can be filtered out. Our system, MultiPure, is amazing (we've had it for 6 years). We found that the filter did need to be replaced! The brown filter on the left is what it looks like after 9 months of use. The white one is the brand-new replacement.
#13 Found lots of hummingbirds collecting nectar from the tree right outside my office window. Now that is a really nice, sure sign of spring!

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toriindenver said...

#7 (I think) warmed me over because it's my favorite magazine. And I do love Wonderwoman....we all are, though, right? My secret is a surprise quick trip to Portland for my sister's birthday. I am not making an effort to seeing any friends because it is a really quick, down and dirty kind od trip. I leave early tomorrow morning, but can't stay long. Thanks for the note. tori