Monday, May 5, 2008

Self-Nurture Challenge

My friend Savannah is a personal coach and works with women on how to juggle all the things we do in this life and to also do it in a way that is fulfilling and nurturing. Since this is the week leading up to Mother's day, she has issued a challenge for all mothers to do at least one thing daily to nurture themselves. You can read more about it in her own words here.

I have decided to join her challenge this week. I think I'm pretty good at doing something to care for myself each day, especially since Mike is so supportive in that regard, but I want to see how my week goes.

For today, I went for an awesome run this morning. Sure, this may fall under the category of "exercise" as in "a chore", and sometimes it does feel that way when I am trying to make it to the top of the hill right after I've left my house at the start of my run. But being outside, alone with my own thoughts, and then getting that runner's high in the end, and knowing I am caring for my body by running, that, to me, is nurturing myself.

So those of you who are mothers actively caring for children at home... what are YOU doing to nurture yourself each day this week? If you are a father, what are you doing to help your wife/partner nurture herself?

Each day this week I'll post what I've done that day to nurture myself.


Hedro said...

Today? I'm allowing myself to rest. Ahhh... it feels mighty good, too! :)


HohJo Clan said...

I'm taking Liam to an ASL storytelling night at our local library. It'll be nice to have someone else read a story he can enjoy for a change! :-)