Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm behind on blogging and putting up my pictures. Here is picture catch-up!

Friday we went to Jamison Park to enjoy the hot weather. Jake looks cute in his swim shorts.
Sunday Jake and I showed up at the farmer's market at 9:55am (it opens at 10). Luckily my mom was already in line for the strawberries, she was about the 10th person in line! We got our strawberries when the market opened at 10, and I'm pretty sure they were all gone by 10:10! Yum, so glad we got some.
Look closely, you can see strawberry juice on Jake's nose and around his mouth. He is such a strawberry monster.
And loves to be outside!
What is that cat doing on top of my clean (and drying) laundry??
Monday Wydeko came over to play. The boys just love each other now and have such a good time.

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