Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #13

So this is #13 and my last Thursday Thirteen post. I just can't do this anymore :)

13 Goals I have for this Summer:

1. Keep running. Harder now -- I had been running in the mornings 4-5 days a week but now I have to switch to running in the afternoons since Mike is now gone by 6:30am Monday through Friday!

2. Mike has a new job!!! So this goal is to make Mike lunches more often than not to take to work. He is a glazier's union apprentice and right now is working on the high-rise buildings being built at the bottom of the OHSU tram here in Portland. Yesterday he totally, nonchalantly said that he was working on "floor 9 or 11 of a 30-floor building." Yikes! Anyway, his hours are AWESOME -- 7am to 3:30pm which means that when he gets home I can go running.

3. Related to running, I want to go get that jogging stroller I got, fixed! We're just waiting for Mike's new paychecks to start rolling in :)

4. Register for and run at least one 5K benefit run. Luckily, I have a friend who plans to do this with me.

5. Take Jake to the zoo at least once a month. It's fun to learn about all the animals.

6. Go berry picking, starting with strawberries in June. Then raspberries and blueberries. Lots of jam and frozen berries! Maybe I'll even get ambitious and go peach picking.

7. Build gates on either side of our house. This is a project that Mike and I have been putting off for more than a year now, mainly because the project is rather complicated, sigh. But we need to put them up so we don't have to worry about Jake leaving the backyard when he is outside.

8. While in the backyard, I want to dry more of my laundry outside this summer. Not only is it a cost savings but it is the right thing to do, environmentally as well.

9. Read at least one book a month this summer. I've really been on a book kick lately, and that's been fun. I've been able to do that partly because Jake plays more independently now. I also want to treat myself to at least one of Juliet Marillier's books this summer -- ahh, fantasy!

10. Speaking of reading, I want to take Jake to the library every few weeks. We went to the library yesterday to get Jake his very first stack of books! I have such fond memories of going to the library when I was little -- I would take about 12 books home at once and have a hard time deciding which one to start reading first.

Jake with the books we got at the library yesterday.

11. Go hiking! Really, we just have to put it on our calendar, pick a hike, plan the food, and GO!

12. Go to Black Butte Ranch at least twice (more, if we can). It is just so nice there and Jake LOVES the pool area.

13. And finally... organize my photos. I have tons of photos that I've taken over the past year just sitting in boxes, waiting to be put into photo albums and organized. I especially want to do this while I remember what was when and also because Jake LOVES looking at the 2 photo albums that I have organized so far from his first year of life. He's not so interested in the albums from before he was born, I think because he doesn't recognize most of the people in it. So this last goal, I think, is going to be the hardest to accomplish as it will require some Jake-free time for me to do it.

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