Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vee Grandparents

Last Sunday we went to Chehalis, WA to see Mike's father's family. Mike's parents had driven down from Anchorage to spend the week there. We went to Mike's Uncle Byron and Aunt Zoe's house for a birthday party for his grandma.

Throwing the ball with Grandma.

One of the stairs to the treehouse broke, and Jake insisted that Grandpa fix it. So they got some hammers and fixed it together. So cute.

Beautiful trees on the property!
Mike and Jake with Mike's Grandma Mabel in the background, as we celebrated her 92nd birthday!
Jake loved playing with the camera.
On the way home... reading in the car.
Monday Grandma and Grandpa drove down to Portland to see our house and to play with Jake some more. We all went to dinner at Chez Jose. Such a nice visit!


Jessica said...

Jake looks so mature in that last picture!!! so cute.
I grew up in Chehalis, btw! I wonder if I know any of Mike's family?!

Mama Nomad said...

wow, what a beautiful property--those trees! mike totally looks like his mom...