Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Outdoor and Snuggly Pixs

The sun came out this afternoon! It is supposed to be very hot the next few days, in the 80's. Why we have to go from the 50's/60's straight to the 80's, I don't know. I like 70 degree weather!

Jake is always happy to be outside. Right before this he had been eating melon with his green fork. See if you can find the fork in this picture now.

While outside, I built a thing for my snap peas to climb. I got the 4 green posts at a garden center and then wrapped string around it.
Funny where the dump truck ended up. Kami was not amused.
Theo loves being in the sun. Uh oh, he better watch out for the toddler!
Later... Jake snuggling with Daddy who was trying to take a nap.
Look how big Jake has gotten! Compare that to almost 2 years ago below...

I asked Jake to smile and he stuck his finger in his nose instead. That's NOT what I asked for!
Now there's a smile!!
Not sure if that is a smile or a grimace.
Dried blueberries make for blue hands and blue lips!


UrbanHippieMama said...

i LOVE the comparison pictures: jake and daddy snuggling now, and jake and daddy snuggling almost 2 years ago... WOW!

what a beautiful little guy you've got...

Jessica said...

I can see Jake starting to look so much like you all of a sudden Lee. Such a sweet family you have!!