Thursday, May 8, 2008

Laurelhurst Park

Yesterday Jake and I met friends Pauline and Sophia at the Laurelhurst playground for some fun!

Jake and Sophia.

Being a monkey!

There are no pictures of Jake on a swing. When he was about a year old or so, he really enjoyed being in the swing, however, the last few months he has adamantly refused to like the swing. He'll sometimes let me put him in it, but as soon as he starts to swing, he reaches out for me and wants out.

Water is always so fascinating...
We walked to go see the duck pond. Jake asked to hold Sophia's hand. So sweet!
Sophia has such a bright smile!
Looking at the ducks.
The lilacs are in bloom! We love the way they smell.

For the self-nurture challenge, yesterday I finished reading the book, The Alchemist. Loved it. I think today I will try to watch a movie insted of working late in the evening like I did yesterday :)

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Comptons said...

So sweet! I love the ones of Jake on the "monkey bar"! Is he sticking his tongue out in the first one??