Sunday, May 20, 2007

11 Months

Today Jake is 11 months old. The first year is going by so quickly. We had a busy day -- went to a Green Lifestyle exhibit at the Expo center. That was fun and we got lots of information about environmentally friendly companies here in Portland. One booth had some baby chicks and Jake really enjoyed watching those! Then we went to a friend's birthday party for 2 sisters turning 7 and 3. It was a really nice party.

When we got home we set to work changing the bedroom arrangement as Jake is in full crawling/pulling up/exploring mode now! We dissembled the co-sleeper, which is funny since we were setting it up just a year ago. The bed frame is gone, and the bed is closer to the floor with a yoga mat and pillows on one side to soften any falls off the bed. Mike likes to call them "physics lessons".

Exploring the stairs. (Mournfully) hey what's this gate here for?

Watching Theo play with the (cloth) mouse that was found in the deep, dark place under the bed.

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Korin said...

happy 11 months!! :)