Sunday, May 6, 2007


Jake has had so much fun playing with some different things these past few days. New toys are lots of fun, but sometimes ordinary household things are the best!

Diapers! (Clean diapers!) As I was trying to sort, stuff, and fold his diapers, he was intent on throwing them off the side of the futon and looking to see where they ended up.

Since I like to feature some of my favorite environmentally friendly products, cloth diapers have got to be #1 in my book. Talk about not contributing to both manufacturing and landfill pollution! And they are easy, so easy. Wear, put in the wash with hot water, dry, repeat. No running to the store because you are running out of them. Sure, the initial cost is high, but money is saved in the long run.

Besides diapers, what could be more fun than a plant pot? And look at him stand on his own!!

A tent and wooden blocks!

The monster baby attacks and destroys!!

Playing with Daddy in the playroom under the stairs.

Yes, using his pointer finger to point at everything is a form of play! He's showing Grandpa what to look at.

Grandma got some of Mama and Aunt Amy's toys out of the attic. Jake loved this one and it is really fun for me to see my old toys again. I also like the "recycling" aspect of it! Under each door is a Disney character (Goofy, Dumbo, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto (talk about gener-bias!)) and the doors pop up when Jake pushes a button, flips a switch, slides a lock, etc. He spent a good 30 minutes playing with this.


Jessica said...

That last picture is priceless!!!

Korin said...

ruby looooves "helping" with laundry. lol!