Thursday, May 31, 2007


This morning Mike had a consult for braces with an orthodontist. After going through the initial paperwork and exam, we decided to go for it. The orthodontist (Dr. Tracy) happened to have no patients for the next 30 minutes, so she asked Mike if he wanted to go ahead and get his top braces on immediately. Mike was a little shocked, but went for it.

Expressing his emotions beforehand in anticipation of sore teeth...

The before picture.

The after picture with braces on the top teeth. He'll get them on the bottom teeth at the next appointment in July. Oh the angst!!

Then the 3 of us went to the zoo. Puyumato had a free concert on the lawn in celebration of their new Animal Playground CD. It was really fun! Jake danced.
And he ate cantaloupe and watched the other kids running around.
Then we visited some of the zoo exhibits. The polar bears were actively playing despite the hot weather.
An exhausted Jake asleep on Mama's back.


a noel-lic dream said...

he looks like he's crying in that second picture...

Jessica said...

Wow, you guys really were close to us! I was too absorbed in Moon land to notice, I guess!

Lee said...

Rosie, he was, ahem, expressing his emotions!! :)