Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Family and fun!

Today was a good day. First Mike's Aunt Shirley and cousin Devin surprised us by flying down from Anchorage and arriving in Portland this morning. It was really nice to see them. They hadn't met Jake yet, so that was sweet.

Hanging out with the Alaskan relatives.

Later Jake and I went to the Beaverton fountains and had a blast! We met a bunch of our MDC mama and kid friends there. Jake was thrilled with the water, and went back and forth between the water and grass 3 times.

He was laughing and waving his arms at the fountains the whole time. He loved being sprayed by the water.
On the grass to dry off a bit and get some milk before going back for more.
He needed a change of clothes... this outfit has 50 SPF and is perfect for the 90+ day that we had! Thanks to Aunt Amy for the outfit. (Couldn't get him to look at the camera... he was too interested in this pink thing.)
Crawling on the grass.
Mama and Jake.
The 5 of us went out to eat. After dinner Devin holds Jake for the first time.

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