Monday, May 14, 2007

Dryer Balls and a Cat Toy

So it may seem like an odd Mother's Day present, but I gave my mom these dryer balls.

They are practical and environmentally friendly. (I also gave her flowers, stationary, and a nice brunch.) I've been using these dryer balls for about 2 months now and they were a great investment! They've reduced my drying time by 40%, even for the cloth diapers, and I couldn't be more thrilled. They are also supposed to replace fabric softener sheets, but I never used those, so I can't tell you if they are a good replacement for those. I'm really happy I got these, both my wallet and the environment are thanking me.

As one of Jake's friend's mother says, "Non-toys are all the rage". Jake loves Kami's favorite cat toy, and Kami loves it when he plays with her.

Now to get the cats to play with the dryer balls...


Anna Mueller said...

What wonderful photos and fun descriptions of everything! I like the idea of those laundry balls. Alan happened by as I was looking at that and also thought it looked like a good idea.
The photos of Mike's lunches are very inspiring!
Jake is sooo cute!
Henry and Sugar say hi!

a noel-lic dream said...

LOL non toys are all the rage! that couldnt be more true

Amy said...

Jake is in his Christmas outfit!

Lee said...

Regarding Jake being in his Christmas outfit... when your kid needs a new set of pj's EVERY night and you only have 7 sets, it's Christmas once a week! :)