Monday, May 7, 2007

Good day, good food.

Sunday was a very good day. I got to sleep in a bit when Mike got up when Jake woke up. They were up for almost 2 hours. When I got up, I got dressed and then Mike went back to bed, and I nursed Jake to sleep at the same time. Sweet deal! I left the two of them slumbering while I went to feed my friend's cats. Her two indoor cats are very sweet, but the mother hid from me all weekend so I didn't get to pet her as usual. I stopped by the bakery and got some bread to make french toast. Mike and I have been trying out different vegan recipes for french toast and today we found the best one of all. Yum!.

Then Jake and the cats decided it was nap time again.

Mike wants to join them.

After nap time, it was time to go outside and enjoy the overcast but warmer day. We went for a walk.

And chewed on water bottles.

Then we ate outside! First day of eating outside this year. Jake enjoyed it and we heard lots of birds (speaking of which, would you believe I refilled the bird feeder again today!).

Later I weeded, and Jake played in the dirt. Fun! He was dirty afterwards.

Made Mike's lunch... don't those strawberries look good? With dark mint chocolate, yum. Also a sandwich with marinated tempeh, lettuce, and the fixings. And his shot of sunflower seeds.

Mmmm hungry. Off to make a snack...


a noel-lic dream said...

wheres the french toast? '_'

Candice said...

Talula's favorite toy is a water bottle. Oh well, at least it doesn't light up or making obnoxious noises.

Lee said...

I didn't think a picture of french toast would be too pretty! I can send you a copy of the recipe if you want.

Yes, yay for water bottles. Simple everyday objects are the best toys, no?