Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Jake has really started talking. It's so surprising and wonderful to hear him say new words. There is some debate as to what his first spoken word actually is... both Grandpa and Mike say they heard him say "cah" (car) on April 21st. Grandma insists his first word is clock "kahk". My parents have a grandfather clock in their home, which Jake loves. As soon as we go to their house, that's the first thing he points to. And now he repeats "kahk, kahk". Jake has said clock many times since we first heard him say it at the beginning of May, and he has yet to repeat car.

The last 2 times Grandma has come over he has said "Ma!" while looking at her. So sweet! This is different from me because he says "mamama" for me. He also says duck ("kahk" also), and today we also heard socks and dog.

He understands sign language really well, but hasn't been very consistent in using it. We have, however, seen him sign a few things, most notably, fish (so useful!) and more. He will also point to where he wants to go, and what he wants, as all babies will. We're not sure what his first signed word is since it can be hard to tell if something that looks like a sign is actually a random gesture, but he definitely signs fish when he sees the fish in the mini aquarium.

A friend saw Jake making the sign for "milk", but I haven't seen it yet. Right now when I ask him if he does want milk and he wants it, he laughs. So funny.

Car may or may not be his first spoken word, but he sure loves to be in the driver's seat!

Also, the results of the vote are in and it is decided that that is actually a cow on his shirt.

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Korin said...

i think "kah" means "i miss Ruby and want to play with her!"