Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sun and Showers

Yesterday we had some sun breaks in between the rain and the hail! I noticed the birds had been very busy at the bird feeder and it was empty. So I took advantage of the sun break to run out and refill it.

Jake enjoyed the sun break, too. There was lots to see outside.

He sees a stork.

And Kami.

Theo sneaks past.

A bird!

He says, "this is fun, Mama!"

There's no lunch for today because it's still sitting in the fridge! It will have to be his lunch for tomorrow.

Instead, here's an environmentally friendly product I like. It's a shower curtain. For years I used those vinyl shower curtains that smelled AWFUL when first purchased/opened. Talk about your off-gassing. Peww. And those things tend to get moldy/mildewy so quickly. I have a friend who replaces his every few months. Not a great thing to go into the landfill.

This is a Pack Cloth Shower Liner/Curtain. It is made of urethane-coated nylon fabric. It is lightweight and resistant to mold/mildew and can be washed if needed. I have had no problems with mine and it works great to keep the water in the shower. It lasts for years and years and you can use it as a liner with a pretty curtain on the outside. It's spendy but worth it when you don't spend time washing or replacing it.

For those who live in Portland, I found this at Mirador on SE Division and 21st. Those who are not in Portland can google it or look at this website.


Amy said...

Theo's looking a little heavy...

Lee said...

I guess the camera adds pounds for both humans and felines! He weighs 11+ pounds. Kami only weighs 7+!

mama_nomad said...

i am so getting one of those. blake can't stand the off-gassing curtains at all. that's right by new seasons, yes? (i'm learning.....:)