Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Finger

No, not that finger, people! The one below. See that lovely red bump? That's Mike's finger... a while ago he nicked it and created a "divet" in his knuckle. It scabbed over. No big deal. But then he kept hitting it again and breaking the scab, over and over. So it turned into this big, red, squishy, infected bump. This morning he went to urgent care and had it looked at. I was hoping for something kind of dramatic, like popping it with a big needle, surgery of some kind, but nope. Just a script for some antibiotics and a tetanus shot. Okay well that latter one involved a needle but there's nothing really dramatic about that. Apparently the finger will be okay.

Speaking of dramatic things, this evening Jake gave us the diaper from hell. Seriously. It felt like a defining moment in parenthood. Enough said.

Jake's plotting...
I think I'll give my parents the diaper from hell!

And while I'm at it, might as well use my "I'm so bad, I'm cool" face

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