Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Camping

We went to Beverly Beach State Park just 7 miles north of Newport on the Oregon Coast for the weekend. A big group of us reserved 4 campsites and set up 11 tents! We had a great time.

This handsome guy drove Jake and me to the state park Saturday morning.

Jake fell asleep on the way and we used this stuffed puppy as a pillow.
Lola, Jake, Brandon, Tom, and Mike.
Lola and Brandon are Tom's kids.
Saturday afternoon. Jake's first time at the beach!
Lola and Jake playing in the sand.
Jake LOVED it! He crawled all around -- you can see the sand on his legs.
Oooh, sand on a rock! Yummy!
Humm, not sure if I like this... rather salty. Bleah!
It's an acquired taste...
Reading inside the tent.
Jake thought the air mattress was funny -- hard to crawl around on!
Sunday morning, sitting around the campfire. Mike, Jake, Tim, and Tim's daughter, Isabella.
Crawling around in the dirt was so much fun! He is a fast crawler. It was so fun to see him crawling up and down slopes and over tree roots. Thankfully he wasn't putting everything in his mouth.
Jake loved the fire but was really good about staying away from it. He loved walking among the camp chairs.
Back to the beach on Sunday.
More fun in the sand. It was colder today and extra layers were needed!
Lola, Matthew, Isabella, Kerry, Jake, and LilyAnna.
Tim, Tom, and Mike. Very cloudy.
Jake and Lola are 4+ months apart in age.
Monday morning! Jake's the happy camper despite having to sleep in his snowsuit, with his pj's underneath, and a hat. He has a lovely smudge of dirt on his face that his parents couldn't see in the dark the night before.
Packing up... our tent just went down. It was a fun weekend!

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Candice said...

Ohhh...that looks like sooooo much fun! I'm so jealous!