Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Package and Walks

It was a good day. I got 3 packages in the mail today, 1 of which I was not expecting. It was so nice to get a surprise package! My sweet sister sent me a Mother's Day present, these cool glass candle holders for my back deck.

Jake and I also went for a long walk. He really enjoyed that. We walked all the way to the library and back. After a nap, he was ready to play again.
My sister also gave him the cute shirt he has on. I can't decide if that's supposed to be a dog or a cow on there. What do you think?

I see you!

Jake follows Mama into the kitchen...

And begins to explore the kitchen cabinets.

A future cook?

It would seem so!

Later that evening the three of us walked to our village Thai restaurant. Jake was excited to eat the peas from my plate.

That was a lot of walking for me for the day!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

What a cute babe he is! I think it's a cow on the shirt, but it's hard to tell! HOoray for mail surprises too!!!