Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fish and more

Fish! We got 3 little fishes plus a snail. I haven't had fish in a really long time. The last time I remember I had fish, their names were Louie and Goldie and one morning Louie wasn't in the tank and then I felt something cold and wet under my foot. Louie had jumped ship. Very traumatic. Won't happen with these fish as the mini aquarium has a lid on it. Helps keep the cats out, too. Although they're not as interested in the fish as they are in the fish food. I think the snail was pregnant on the way to my house. At least she had a waterbirth. Ha ha. So I am seeking loving aquarium homes for the babies when they get bigger. Let me know if you want one. No idea how many there are.

Snail in the upper left hand corner.

Jake has been opening the bottom drawer in the bathroom. The band aids are his favorite. Humm.

No, wait, Mama is his favorite! Sweet boy.

A ride in the stroller inside the house. Now that's pretty silly!


Korin said...

this just in... snail has rare water homebirth... attended by mama and 10 month old crawling wonder.


Lee said...

Ha ha ha. Silly Korin.